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Campus Life: Tips and Tricks

by Jess on November 17, 2016

in Campus Community,College Life

When I first came to Fontbonne during the summer of 2016, I lived in Southwest Hall. It was extremely convenient – I could leave my room at 3:58 for a class that began at 4 and still make it on time, although I don’t recommend this strategy if you have time anxiety. It was also convenient to one of my favorite places to study on campus – the top floor of the library. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend you check it out – there are couches and comfortable chairs to curl up on and a really nice view of Ryan Hall when you need to give your eyes a break from that textbook or computer screen. Often, my friends and I will bring food (we like Crushed Red and Kaldi’s if we felt too lazy to cook) and coffee with us, so we can stay motivated to get massive amounts of work done in one period of time.

Now, I live in Cotta Hall, and while the building is still associated with the school, it isn’t located conveniently on the corner of campus. However, I try to use this to my advantage – I walk to school, so the commute serves as a way to get a little exercise (although I’m mildly apprehensive about the upcoming Missouri winter). If you live in Cotta, you can cut through the seminary to get to campus – the area is beautiful and provides some nice views of those fall trees.

One last tip I have – utilize the campus gym! The new elliptical machine is awesome – 10/10. I bring a book or load up my Netflix queue and that really helps the time pass by.

Keep moving forward. Good luck with final exams – rest up over break and finish strong!


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