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Top 5 Motivation Tips

by Taylor on October 20, 2016

in College Life

Hey everyone! As of this week, 2nd 8 week classes have started, it looks like we are safely halfway through the semester. This is about the time every semester that my motivation begins to fade a little bit, and I find the enthusiasm that I had at the start of school to be almost nonexistent. I know I can’t be the only one who feels this way, so I want to share with you my top 5 tips for staying motivated even when I don’t want to!

  1. First, remember why you’re here- College can be stressful, and some days, that stress can be pretty overwhelming. Those moments are when I try my best to remind myself that everything I am feeling is temporary, and everything I am doing is putting me one step closer to the amazing future and career I have planned for myself. Take a minute to visualize what it is you want, and why you attended college in the first place. Suddenly, whatever is on your plate won’t look so big anymore.
  2. Reorganize– Usually around this time, my once impeccably organized and color coded binders, planner, and notebooks suddenly start looking like someone set a bomb off in my backpack. This only adds to my stress, so I like to take a moment to get everything back in order and looking nice. This also helps relieve stress by helping me get all of my assignments organized for the rest of semester so that I know what is coming and how I need to pepare.
  3. Talk it out- Odds are, by this time you are deep into your chosen major and have made friends with the people in your classes. By this point, you start to realize that you are all tired of school and chronically stressed. Consider this feeling a source for a bonding opportunity. At least once a week, the girls in my major get together and talk about what is stressing us out, and give each other tips on how to get through different things. This not only helps us relive what is bubbling up inside, but also puts into perspective that you are not the only one who feels stressed or insecure, which honestly usually makes us all feel so much better.
  4. Give yourself something to look forward to- Yes, at this point, your schedule is full and you have a million and one things to do, and the last thing you want to do is schedule out MORE time to force yourself to have fun. Do it anyway. Not only will doing something you look forward to relieve stress, but it will also break up your day a little more, so you’re not caught in the same old boring routine that drains you.
  5. Just breathe- Whenever you feel stressed, unmotivated, or like you just can’t deal, take 5 slow, deep breathes. This will slow your heart rate, lower your blood pressure, relieve stress, and leave you feeling a little more positive and energized. Try it. It only takes a minute, and I promise, it works.

I hope these tips help you get motivated for the rest of semester!


Have an awesome week,



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