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top 5 things I need for college

by Patricia on October 4, 2016

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One thing I could not live without is a laptop. I can save all my documents and work on assignments at whatever location I please. I have used it a lot for my internship, since I do it online. It has really helped me get assignments done more efficiently. As a commuter, I really need a backpack to carry books, notebooks, binders, pencils, lunch, umbrella, cosmetic case, and wallet. Because I cannot bring a purses, I have to make best use out of all the pockets. The next really important thing that I need is headphones.  I mainly use it for playing games and listening to music. It prevents sounds from distracting others. Other times, its the other way around. Sometimes a person next to me is making an annoying noise and I just put on my headphones so I don’t have to hear them. My phone is also really important. Besides playing games and watching videos, I use it for my internship. I am required to call different health care companies for my boss. I help her book conferences and advertise her professional development programs. Lastly, I need my umbrella. There are a few times when it is really pouring outside and I am not under a roof (usually the parking lot). Every time it rains, I am very proud how prepared I am. The last important thing that I have is my planner. I write down all my assignments and due dates. Each day I plan what assignments I’m going to do.

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