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How to Stay Healthy in College

by Mari on October 4, 2016

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I think that staying happy and healthy is essential to college. Even as a freshman, I have already been exposed to the stress that college can bring on a student. From pulling all-nighters to eating in the dining halls, college life can definitely impact your health.

  1. Eating healthy

With some of the junk food in the dining halls, it can be a little difficult to eat healthy as a college student. I think that Ryan Dining Hall has great healthy options for students. I am not really a vegetarian, but I haven’t been eating that much meat. One salad recipe my friends and I have done recently in Ryan is a knockoff of a Wendy’s Summer Berry salad. You will need spinach from the salad bar, berries, almond halves from the ice cream bar, and balsamic vinaigrette. Now you have your knockoff Wendy’s salad, Ryan style!

  1. Drink water

Drinking water will definitely improve your health. From clearing up your skin and giving you more energy, hydrating throughout your busy day is a must. I am currently trying to drink water more. I have been trying the enhanced water flavors at Ryan.

  1. Try to exercise

I know that exercising is often times difficult to motivate ourselves to do. I am not an athlete, but I have been doing Zumba with other girls on campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It is a lot of cardio, which is the exercise I like to do. Find exercise that makes you feel happy. For me, that is dancing. Maybe for you its running, weight training, or sports. I always feel happier when I break a sweat!

  1. Try to sleep

With pulling all-nighters in college, it can sometimes be hard to maintain a consistent bedtime. Try to get some shut eye though. I find that if I get headaches throughout my day, that is my body telling me that I need some more sleep!

I find that trying to do these tips has made me much happier for the start of my freshman year. By trying out these tips, this doesn’t mean you should completely cut out junk food from your life. Or this doesn’t mean you should try to exercise 24/7. Again, these are just my tips that have made me feel much more positive and healthy.

Fall in love with yourself, you are worth it.

Take care,


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