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fire burn and cauldron bubble…

by Jess on October 25, 2016

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So…I love Halloween. I can’t really recall a year that I didn’t have a fantastic time celebrating the holiday – my default costume, when I was a kid, was a simple black cat, while my parents always went as Greasers (slicked back hair for my dad, huge hairspray curls for my mom, and packs of cards under their rolled sleeves to look like cigarettes). We would go to the zoo in Knoxville, Tennessee, to trick-or-treat, then watch a spooky movie like Hocus Pocus when we arrived home.

Things have changed in recent years – in my junior year of college, I tackled sugar skull face paint. I woke up at 6 am to create the look, especially motivated by the fact that I would receive extra credit if I showed up to class in costume. Last year I dressed up as Suicide Squad Harley Quinn – BEFORE the hype – and went to a costume contest with some of my friends to check out the town’s creative outfits. This year? I have no idea where the wind will take me, but I do know exactly what I’m going to be. I practiced the makeup last night – check it out!


This makeup is great because it’s like, am I Hades? Am I Corpse Bride? Am I just a dead Disney fan? (Answer – A. Disney Hades is basically my spirit animal, and I’ll look a whole lot more like him when I break out the gray skull-embellished toga, blue hairspray, and Grecian braids).

I hope you guys have a great Halloween! Happy Haunting!

Keep moving forward.



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