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during fall break

by Patricia on October 18, 2016

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I had fun during my fall break, but I also needed to catch up on homework. On Friday I went o creepy world with my friend. We went through 13 haunted ho uses each had a different theme. They include a doll house, asylum, a farm, a clown  house, a colonial ranch, and the best was the Krumpus. It was Christmas themed. We also attended the hayride and that was in witches in Salem. Then we had drinks at Applebees. I had 2 margaritas, my parents thought I was tired from the haunted house LOL! I also did some Halloween baking. I made chocolate cat cookie pops. I also made apple crisp and apple pie. I watched the movie Krumpus, which was really good. On Monday and Tuesday I worked on my internship. I have to call health care companies to inform them of services that the company offers.

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