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Autumn: A Season Worth a Thousand Words

by Yuri on October 8, 2016

in College Life

Autumn. That time of year when everything starts to change. Leaves go from Green to a Brown or even an Orange hue & when you start hearing leaf blowers in the distance. Even the coffee starts to change! They sawada-coffee-10dec2015-003go from Frappuccinos & Iced Coffees to freshly brewed hot cups of coffee (which sound really good right about now)! Seattle, WA (where Starbucks is Head Quartered) makes coffee look VERY appetizing! Just look at that presentation! And the weather: well, it’s right in the neutral zone! Not too humid & warm/not too cold (yet). Autumn as a season is just beautiful! As for me, even though we are on Fall Break right now, mentally & physically, I am not on break. I am currently getting a head start on future assignments, planning out Board Meeting Agendas for the next several months, filling out Organizational Financial Reports and doing everything else in between. Until next time guys, Stay Classy!

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