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Starting my second year at Fontbonne University has been quite different than my first few weeks at Fontbonne last fall. Walking around campus, even more friendly faces and waves across the meadows are a daily occurrence. Hanging out with other students on breaks is a common occurrence just as likely that a quick pick up game is going to happen.

Walks to Forest Park, the Delmar Loop, or just around Clayton have become more common as the summer heat is going away and the fall breeze is kicking in. Afternoon sporting events and FAB events, as well as other on-campus activities, fill the schedules of the busy students of Fontbonne University.

As most of the sophomores at Fontbonne University, classes related to my major consume most of my schedule and extracurricular activities. The importance of maintaining an impeccable GPA and building up professional profiles have been stressed and reemphasized on an almost daily basis. Sophomore year at Fontbonne University has been one for the books thus far, and I look forward to what else is in store.




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