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Summertime Reflections and Autumn Desires

by Terragan on September 26, 2016

in College Life,Extracurricular

With September 22 being the official start of the fall season, some reflections on the summer and what we want from this welcomed season are in order. The summer fun of going camping, hanging outside with friends, swimming, and all other activities crafted the best I’ve had. Between the group hangouts and the barbecues, Griffin 101 bridged the gaps in time to the eventual start of the new semester. This was the first summer that truly made me feel like I really belonged here, with this community of friends.

The transformation from the sweltering heat of summertime to the cool, relaxed time of autumn is a welcomed change of pace. Though the summer was excellent as stated, the heat has been overstaying its welcome. I hope this fall offers more chances for my friends and those soon to become closer (as Chainsmokers starts playing in our heads). I’m ready to bust out my nifty and often thrifty sweaters and blue jeans, kicking up red and brown leaves as I go. The feel of Halloween is creeping its way in, getting us to celebrate with bonfires and haunted houses. Bring on the pumpkin spice, I’m in.

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