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How I LOVE Fall!

by Candance on September 26, 2016

in College Life,Extracurricular

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Oh, how I love the Fall weather. I know to some, they may not care for this time of the season but I truly LOVE IT! Did I say how much I LOVE FALL! 🙂

Fall is the time when I prepare to wear all of the scarves I have stored in my closet. I am a scarf fanatic! I have a variation of colored ones and plain ones as well as winter scarves and silk. Wearing them around my neck brings out the boldness in me, it showcases my personality and most importantly they keep me warm! I even wear them as head wraps as well. I also love that that Fall season lets me know that Thanksgiving is around the corner and the smell and taste of sweet potato pies sound so delicious and delights my heart!

Fall is also a time of the year when I can see the beauty of God’s creation with the changing of the leaves, I can feel the cool brisk wind on my face and enjoy having my windows down in my car as I ride to my destination listening to the wind. I love Fall! It’s one season I don’t feel that stays around long enough but I truly embrace it when it’s here.

What are some things you like about Fall? Do you have any favorite Fall drinks or food?


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