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My Birthday

by Patricia on June 23, 2016

in Extracurricular

In the past, I have usually been out of town for my birthday. But this year I stayed in St. Louis. It was a great fun-filled day. First I went to the water park at Six Flags. I’ll have to remember to go there in the morning because it was least crowded and we were really able to enjoy ourselves. On the way home we stopped at Culver’s for lunch and I got the flavor of the day, Bonfire S’more. Then I went home and decorated my cake. It was a strawberry cake with chocolate mousse inside. It was decorated like a circus. It had pink and blue stripes with circus frosted animal crackers. The top had M&Ms and sprinkles!

The next thing on my agenda was seeing Alice Through the Looking Glass with my friend. It was a great movie and I just love Alice in Wonderland! I recently bought an outfit to go along with it! For dinner I went to O Charley’s and then I came home and opened presents. I got several necklaces, including the Eiffel Tower, tons of items from  bath and body works, an adult coloring book, a Paris shirt, new sheets, new pillow, and tons of other things. Last but not least, I had cake with cotton candy ice cream.

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