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Tips for Summer!

by Taylor on April 18, 2016

in College Life

Hey guys! As you all know, (and are most likely counting down every second to) summer is almost here! In less than a month, we can all wave goodbye to another year and being summer 2k16! While it’s important to relax and decompress from your year at school, don’t forget that summer is the perfect time to be productive and do things that will propel you into your awesome future awaiting you! Here are a few suggestions of things that you could consider doing this summer instead of just laying around:

  1. Go to summer school– I know, I know. Why on earth would you spend even a second sitting in a classroom this summer when that’s all you’ve done all year? I always think the same thing. However, summer is the perfect time to either take that class that you couldn’t fit into your schedule during the school year because it required too much time or studying. I use summer to take my harder classes because I can focus on just that class as opposed to that and 4 other classes. I find it easier to study and stay motivated in the summer. Or, you could take classes in the summer to get ahead so that your course load during the year is lighter.
  2. Get experience– Summer is literally the best time to gain all the experience that grad schools/jobs want you to have when you graduate but never seem to actually have time to get. Want to go to med school? Use the summer to volunteer at hospitals or participate in undergrad research that med schools with inevitably require you to have. Going into finance? Try to score that internship at a local firm to give you real life experience in the job setting you want to be a part of. Trying to get a dietetic internship? Spend the summer working at Fontbonne’s Camp F.R.E.S.H. or at volunteering at local food banks to get the dietetic experience that future internship preceptors want to see filling up your resume. Opportunities like these exist everywhere, you just need to find them. Ask your professors and advisors for help. They often have plenty of ideas waiting for students to take
  3. Work-If school, volunteering, or internships are not in your plans this summer, that’s fine! Work instead. No matter what job you have, you will be getting benefits. Not only will having a job give you something to do everyday and cash to spend, but it will also teach you valuable things like working on a team, time management, and responsibility that you can carry with you through life.

What are your plans this summer? Make it a good one!


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