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Spring Break Suggestions

by Taylor on April 13, 2016

in College Life

Happy Spring Break everyone!! I don’t know about you, but I am personally thrilled to have a week long break from the semester to look forward to. If you’re like me, you probably won’t find yourself on a beach with all your friends this week, but will instead may just be going home. While that may not seem as exciting, there’s usually plenty of things you can do and still have an amazing break! Here’s my top 5 things I plan on doing while I’m home and they’re things that you can do no matter where you live.

  1. Catch up with your old friends– Odds are, someone that you used to hang out with before college is on spring break at the same time as you and will be home. Sometimes it’s hard to stay in touch as much with old friends when you go to different schools, because as we all know, school tends to keep us crazy busy. Use the extra time you have with spring break to catch up with each other and see where life has taken you since you last hung out.
  2. Go somewhere different– No matter where you live, or how long you’ve lived there, I bet there is some place in your hometown that you’ve never been to. Go there now while you have time and gain some new experiences.
  3. Do what you don’t have time to do– What is something that you’ve always want to do but never have time for during the semester? Try it now on spring break. Maybe you’ve been wanting to try a yoga class, or there’s a book you’ve been dying to read, or there’s 5 new movies out that you want to see. Go do whatever it is, and enjoy it while you’ve got the time.
  4. Spend time with your family- If you’re like me, you don’t get home that often during the semester. (Sorry mom). Odds are, you’re probably missing your family as much as they miss you. Use spring break to get some quality family bonding time in and to catch up with each other before you get back to school to finish out the semester.
  5. Plan out your summer– I don’t mean have everything figured out, but have a general idea. Summers in college are often way different than summers in high school. Often times, you need to take summer school courses, get a job, apply for internships, or maybe all of the above. Use the time you have during spring break to map something out, that way you’re not so stressed out at the end of next month trying to figure out what you’re going to do all summer while you’re trying to survive finals week too.

What are your plans this spring break? Stay safe everyone, and have a wonderful break whatever you do !


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