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Getting the Job Done

by Alumni Posts on April 13, 2016

in Academics,College Life

Hey there Griffins! Okay, so I’m sure that all of us have a point in the semester where you’re just like blah, and you would rather draw tiny 3D cubes in the corner of your notes. If you’ve ever wondered how to stay focused on studying for that test or writing that paper, I have three tips that will you help you get the job done so you can be the rock star that you are!

  1. Make a list- I can admit that I’m a tad bit list crazy, but this is how I get through a really hectic week. When you have a lot of stuff you need to get done, but not enough hours in the day to do it all, write all your tasks down and form a to do list. This way, you can cross things off as you go along, and you won’t feel overwhelmed.
  2. Meditate- Another thing that I do to help me stay focused is I meditate everyday. I have a spot in the library that I go to everyday, before I officially start my day, and I read my bible, I meditate for 15 minutes, I pray. Doing this helps me understand that no matter how hectic my day may become, I have to spend time with God.
  3. Know your limits- We all would like to think we’re secretly superheroes, who can handle everything that comes our way, and work for a week straight without any sleep. As awesome as that sounds, (and it would be pretty spectacular) our bodies are our bosses; and we have to listen to them when they tell us we’ve had enough for the day. So, set a time that you’ll stop working, and stick to it.


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