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Advice for My Pre-Fontbonne Self

by Taylor on April 27, 2016

in Career Paths,First Year at Fontbonne

If I could give my pre-Fontbonne self any advice, it would most definitely be to relax and quit planning. I remember that by the time I was 18, I had my entire future planned out, minute by minute. I was going to go to this school, join that friend group, choose this major, become that person, and work this job. I thought I knew how everything was going to pan out, and was both surprised and mildly disappointed when my life went in the exact opposite direction that I had planned for it. Literally, nothing that I had hoped was going to happen did. It wasn’t until I was a little older and started to accept certain things that I realized that my plans going awry was actually an incredibly beautiful thing! I ended up amazing making friends that I never would have, found a major that actually interested me, and learned things about myself that I never would have had life gone the way I’d planned. So I would tell pre-Fontbonne Taylor, relax, enjoy the moment, and accept that what is coming is mostly out of your control, and it’s going to be great!


Have an awesome week everyone!


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