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What’s In My Backpack?

by Claire on March 7, 2016

in Academics,College Life,New & Future Students

My backpack is almost always filled to capacity. Being a commuter, I have a tendency to live out of my car as well as my backpack.

First, my backpack. I carry a maroon and leopard print PINK backpack. It wasn’t too pricey and has held up pretty well with all of my textbooks.

pink bp

In the smallest pocket in the front of my backpack, I carry almost all of my pencils and pens as well as a variety of hand sanitizers and snacks. I used to carry a pencil case, but I like the convenience of being able to reach in the pocket and fish around for whatever pen I need. I am a stickler about hand sanitizers and it is always good to have a snack on hand.


Next, in the middle section of my backpack, I have two of the most important things in my school and work life. I carry my markers and my planner. I cannot live without a planner. I have two physical planners and three electronic planners. This is probably a bit much, but I hate missing events or forgetting things! I currently use a Lilly Pulitzer planner in size larger. I like how it offers a month calendar as well as a weekly breakdown. It helps me remember all of my assignments, quizzes, exams, and shifts at work. I would be lost without my planner so I highly recommend investing in one you really like. Mine is also a 18 month planner so it helps me bridge the gaps between semesters.


My markers are Staedtler Markers. I bought mine at Target and I have them with me all the time. These markers are more like pens. I have the 10 pack because I like the variety of colors and I use them almost everyday in every class. I separate sections of notes by different color ink and these pens/markers give the color and vividness of marker, but do not bleed through the paper, much like pens do not bleed through.


The last section of my backpack is the largest section. In that section, I always have my laptop and my laptop charger. Although I do use the computers on campus a great deal of time, I like being able to sit anywhere with my laptop or lay in bed and finish an assignment. A laptop is a college must and picking one depends on your personal needs and preferences. This is also a need in a few of my classes that require the daily use of a laptop in class.


The next item in my backpack is my notebook. I only take notes on paper in 3 of my classes and the other one’s I take notes on handouts. A three subject notebook works perfectly for me because I never have to wonder if I grabbed the right notebook or not. This is in my backpack everyday!


Next, I have my expandable folder. This is a must!!! It keeps all of my papers and handouts in one place and I do not have paper all over the place. I keep extra computer paper and loose leaf in the back just in case. I also keep two copies of my resume in the expandable folder because you never know when you’ll need one and it is easier to have an up-to-date version already printed off!


The last thing in my back pocket of my backpack changes everyday. I typically have at least two textbooks in my backpack. It changes daily with my classes and depends on my class load each day. However, bringing the assigned textbook to class everyday is a must because professors expect you to have them and you spend so much on them, so you might as well get a good use out of them.


In the side pockets of my backpack, I may have an umbrella or a soda, water, or energy drink.


That is what is in my backpack, what’s in yours???



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