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What does Learn More Be More Mean to Me?

by Alumni Posts on March 1, 2016

in Campus Community

Learn More. Be More. is the catchy Fontbonne slogan that we all know and love.  But what does it really mean, to Learn More and to Be More?  I think this slogan hits home in a lot of different ways for different people.  To me it is all about taking what you learn in classes, on and off campus and applying it to a much larger picture called life.  I take things that I learn here at Fontbonne and apply them all the time throughout my everyday life.  Being a student leader has really helped me to understand what Learn More. Be More. means to me.

To Learn More means to take everything your professors, peers and supervisors teach you and go beyond the books, classroom or role.  As a student leader I learn tons of communication, time management and planning techniques.  I use these not only in my role as a student leader and in my courses but in life along the way as well.  I cannot tell you how many times I have explained to people, mid argument, the difference between intent vs impact.  I think this is a great example of how I “Learn More” in my everyday life.

To Be More means to take all those things that you learn, and do something big with it.  I am going into higher education to help students just like me push out of their comfort zone, communicate, lead and discipline in the proper way.  My life was changed because of my choice to attend Fontbonne University and I am going to take what I have learned and carry it with me wherever I go to BE MORE.




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