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Best College Advice

by Taylor on March 9, 2016

in College Life,First Year at Fontbonne

“Just go where you get good vibes.” – That’s what my hippie brother told me 3 years ago when I was trying to decide where I wanted to go to school. At the time, I remember rolling my eyes at Sam and telling him that was stupid advice. But the more that I went on college tours, the more his advice resonated with me. I soon found that within the first hour of a college tour, it was super obvious if I felt like it was the place for me. Call it a feeling, or a “vibe” so to speak, but there were several colleges that I went to that I felt negative about, almost like I couldn’t wait until I got to leave. I soon learned to not waste my time at any college that didn’t feel right, which helped me find the one that eventually did.

Even though it sounds weird, follow your good vibes, and go where it feels right. Your gut is almost never wrong.

Talk to you soon, Griffins!


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