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In my backpack…

by Patricia on March 8, 2016

in College Life

I am unable to take a picture but I can tell you what is in my backpack and why I carry it. First of all, I mostly have books and folders. Since I commute I must take these because I go to class and then I study and then I go home. It really is a pain carrying a bunch of stuff around all the time. Sometimes I leave my backpack in one building and then go somewhere else for a short time. Anyway I also take my lunch with me. I also have a coin purse with a mirror, some contacts, and cash. If I have time, I go to Bread Co or Schnucks to get lunch. Sometimes I go to Orange Leaf as well!

I also have a pencil case with me, and I always carry my headphones. In between classes I love to play games and watch videos on YouTube and Netflix. Last but not least, I have an umbrella, and when it’s raining I really really appreciate it!

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