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Snow in St. Louis

by Patricia on February 19, 2016

in In Saint Louis

I just love snow! Last week it snowed several inches and I had so much fun. First I went sledding on a few hills and then I built an igloo. To build an igloo, you have to take a shovel and pile the snow as high as you can. Next you stick the handle of the shovel through the pile of snow. You dig a tunnel through the snow very carefully, you don’t want it to collapse. You mostly thin down the sides and the top. You have to be very careful of the edges. If too much falls off your igloo may look like an flat arch! You want your igloo to have corners like a building. Digging requires that you go inside the igloo and dig without knocking down the front or back. Anyway I had some help from neighbors and we finally accomplished this! We were all able to go inside (not at the same time). Then I put some dog treats inside and video taped my dog going through it.

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