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Thanksgiving Aftermath

by Patricia on December 7, 2015

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Visiting my grandma for Thanksgiving was fun! On Wednesday when we got a hotel, the lady at the desk saw that we had 5 people and gave us a free upgrade. We got a suite with 2 bedrooms. On Thanksgiving we watched the Macy’s parade in new York  and I got to go swimming. Then we all went to my grandma’s friend’s house for dinner.

The next day before we left, my dad noticed that my grandma didn’t send a piece of equipment in the mail (she has short term memory loss). When my dad saw that it was dated August 25, he sighed and gave a forceful whine. Then my dad asked her where the new one was (she was supposed to have sent back the old one). Then she pointed to it next to the chair. My dad  told her she had to send back the old one, she said that she was using it. My dad said, “No, you are supposed to use the new one.” My grandma said, “Yes, it’s over there next to the chair. Then my dad said, “But there is an old one somewhere.” My grandma replied, “Yes.” All of us said, “Then where is it?” Then my grandma said, “I don’t know,” and a few minutes later we found it in her closet.

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