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Fontbonne University

It’s the Finals Countdown

by Fontbonne University on December 7, 2015

in Academics,College Life

Hey all, Brooke here! With finals quickly approaching… everything on campus seems to be a little more hectic and a little more alive. With this being my 7th finals week at Fontbonne (whoa!), I have a few pointers (or at least places) that may help you survive these next two weeks! At Fontbonne, we are so small you always see the same people, right? Well, that is not the case when you are in the Finals Countdown! Every computer in the library is magically claimed by students that you have never seen before. This may also mean that your favorite study spot has been taken over. No worries – there are plenty of other places you can go!

  • The AMC a.k.a. the Arnold Memorial Center a.k.a the first floor of Medaille. There are at least ten computers here and if they are all taken, there are plenty of spaces where you can hunker down with your own computer. Pro tip: check to make sure there is paper before printing. No paper? No problem! Head into Student Affairs and they will hook you up.
  • Basement of the Library. This may sound creepy or have a dungeon feel, but studying in the basement of the library is my favorite. There are a few different rooms that you can utilize down there! (Don’t forget about the study rooms on the third floor either, they have dry erase boards that come in handy for the perfect study break a.k.a. a game of hangman with whichever friend you conned into coming with you.)
  • Want to get off campus? Head to a coffee shop! Personally, I am a huge Starbucks fan (which is where I’m writing to you from now… so I may be a little biased). Being a Starbucks rewards member = major caffeine perks. (Can you say free refills on iced coffee?) I personally get too distracted on campus these days; I always find someone to talk to which is easily more interesting than reading a textbook. Being at Starbucks helps me to focus more, believe it or not.

Regardless of where you are: focus, think positive, work hard, and I’m sure you’ll do well! Happy studying, Fonties!

~ Brooke

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