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by Patricia on December 7, 2015

in Extracurricular

After my exams, I will start celebrating Christmas! I will start hanging decorations on my porch and I will hang up both Christmas trees. We have a green one and a white one. I will also bake cookies. This year I am going to make a yule tide cake. I will make sugar cookies, wreath cookies, pecan crescents, chocolate-covered pretzels, and some new recipes. I will also work at McDonald’s, but not too much because I have some Christmas shopping to do. I also have to give my parents a wish list. The day after Christmas we are visiting my grandma in Indianapolis again. We are not sure what gift we will get her. Even though she is very very short on funds, she always manages to buy us Christmas presents. You can never refuse a gift from her, she will just mail it to your house whether you like it or not!


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