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Favorite Way to Study

by Alumni Posts on October 7, 2015

in Academics

It can be hard to study when all you want to do is go outside in the beautiful weather! While I do my best to find time for the things I love, when it comes to studying I find ways to relax and zen out (as best as I can) in the process of studying.

When I want to get in the studying “mood” I find a quiet spot at home with room to lay out my study materials. I get into comfy clothes, heat up a some water for tea and have a healthy snack before starting. I really enjoy any type of tea… trust me, there’s a tea out there for everyone! My current favorites are Trader Joe’s Herbal Fall Blend tea & Celestial Seasoning’s Tension Tamer tea. These teas both contain chammomile and other herbs that I find help promote relaxation. It’s currently midway through the semester, so things can get stressful! I choose herbal teas because they don’t contain caffiene. Caffiene works wonders for some, but for me personally I find if I drink too much of it, my heart starts racing and it becomes counterproductive to getting more work done. If you prefer the caffiene- try labels that say: black tea, oolong, green tea, and white tea and see what works best for you! Snacks that give me energy for studying include apples or carrots with peanut butter, avocado slices on toast and the protein pancakes from my previous blog post!

Here’s a picture of my snack & tea of choice for my current study session:

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