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Fontbonne University

The one thing you MUST have in college

by Fontbonne University on October 6, 2015

in College Life,First Year at Fontbonne

Thinking back on things that I could not live without during my first few years of college, a few come to mind: planner, sticky notes, caffeine, on the go snacks for mornings you’re running late, etc. BUT there is one thing that stands out more than others…. Friends! Make friends! College is one of the most exciting times in your life and there’s nothing more fun than going through that experience with someone else. Want to participate in campus activities but a little too shy and unsure? Find another shy buddy and experience it together. Friends are also vital in college when things get rough. Wanting to bang your head against the wall a few times around midterms and finals? Trust me, there’s a million other students that are feeling the same way. Take a break with a buddy and get a quick bite to eat or take a walk and relax your mind for a little while. When I first graduated high school nine years ago I always heard that you will meet some of your best friends in college. I thought that was going to be impossible because I was leaving high school with my very best friends for years and years. Well, what I heard was right! I remember meeting absolute strangers for the fist time, who are now my best friends — like sisters! When you leave home to go to college, you’re alone for probably the first time in your life. All of the love and support you’ve always been surrounded by is a little further away now, so you’re going to need someone or something to fill that void. That’s exactly where friends come in! They become like family. Friends you make in college are some of the strongest friendships you will ever have. College years are full of fun, excitement, stress, and difficulties at some point or another. There’s nothing like having a buddy to experience all of that with.

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