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On Campus This Week: Financial Literacy

by Alumni Posts on October 28, 2015

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This week has been a crazy one, with a lot going on in campus life. One campus activity I took advantage of this week was Vinny Vincent’s Financial Literacy classes. This year I made a goal to set up a budget for myself and to develop a better understanding of how to manage finances because I graduate in December. Money is a big stress in many people’s lives, and I really don’t want it to be a huge factor in mine!
Vinny’s class discussed types of debt and risks with money. He was very interactive with his discussions and I learned a lot about my spending habits and what good and bad money risks were in just one hour. One important concept that Vinny mentioned in his class was- the first step to managing debt is knowing your debt. Simply knowing what you spend and how you spend money can help you manage your money better. This stuck out to me since I just started tracking my spending habits and realized how much I was spending on things I didn’t “need”.
Helpful tip for those starting to budget- I use Pinterest as a source for free budgeting sheets that I print out and use to track my monthly expenses and list my financial goals. For me it really helps to put in on paper and I suggest you give it a try, even if it sounds tedious 🙂 It is especially important for those of you graduating within the next year, but you can never start too soon.

If you have any tips for budgeting or money management, post them below!

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