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Fontbonne University

A must have!

by Fontbonne University on October 6, 2015

in Academics,First Year at Fontbonne

Coming into Fontbonne University or any college, I would encourage any student to have some sort of relaxation time frame. This time is to be stress free from all the due dates, exams, practices, and games you may have going on. If you do not keep some sort of peace in your life you will lose yourself though out your entire college life. College is a fast-paced environment. Everything has a go, go, go attitude. You must keep a piece of yourself. Find time to mellow down and communicate with family members. I feel like once you are thrown into this college lifestyle it is so easy for you to lose yourself. I’m not saying take too much time off, but keep it reasonable. As a Fontbonne Griffin, you can’t live without knowing who you are. Make sure you are growing as a college student and make the grades. Don’t let them make you!

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