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Fontbonne University

A month at Saint Louis!

by Fontbonne University on September 14, 2015

in First Year at Fontbonne,In Saint Louis

I can’t believe it’s already a month that I’ve been in the USA, more over FONTBONNE!! I’ve always heard that America is very strict on rules, but on arriving here, I’m overwhelmed. The best thing are the traffic rules. Having been to the other cities in the USA, I find Saint Louis very beautiful and interesting (The arch is eye candy!) The weather had been a little sunny though, 😛 I expected a lot cold, nevertheless, the snow is on its waayyyyy!😃👿 I’m super excited for my first snow in the USA, I had been on a shopping spree the whole last week, preparing for the winter.😀😆

s20150819_120137-minSo! About Fontbonne University, the first moment I met the staff at the university I was very glad that I joined Fontbonne. I’m proud to be a Fontie!  😇

Thanks to everyone for being so very friendly that my first month here in Saint Louis has passed easily. ALHUMDULILLAH.😊

See you all in the next blog! 😃

I feel I was destined to be here.

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