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I Didn’t Choose Fontbonne: It Chose Me

by Alumni Posts on September 17, 2015

in Academics,Career Paths

I ended up at Fontbonne in December of 2013. Before that I had hopped, skipped, and jumped from school to school hoping to find the right place to settle and finally figure out what I wanted to do. Truman State University was my home for my freshman year and I wanted so desperately to return after financial hardships brought me home for the consecutive year and a half, but alas, I couldn’t.  I knew that as I got back into the groove of a four year program, all of my friends would be leaving in a year. So I set out on the adventure that would lead me to where I wanted to be. I completed my associate’s degree at a local community college before I sat down and really thought about what I wanted to do.  At Truman, I was in the pre-occupational therapy program, but I really hadn’t had exposure to the field. I was leaning towards a therapy job in general when I came across communication disorders and speech-language pathology. I didn’t know much about the field, but researched to find that the job outlook was surprisingly high and that it was flexible. I could work in a school, a hospital, a clinic, a nursing home, the works! I applied to Maryville’s Occupational Therapy program and Fontbonne’s SLP program because I couldn’t decide between the two. Both were close to home so I could work and save money while driving to school, and I was tired of being indecisive about what field I wanted to do and knew I was running out of time to pick a major. Then there was waiting. Finally, I received a message from Maryville saying that I needed to complete 25 hours shadowing an OT in order to be considered for admission. It was late in the summer so I had little time to do so before attending school that following semester. Then Fontbonne accepted me into their Speech Language Pathology program! No requirements whatsoever.

I wouldn’t say I chose Fontbonne because I was passionate about going here, but more so for the convenience and my being indecisive. The program chose me, and I absolutely love it!

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