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Super Power

by Patricia on August 3, 2015

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If I had to choose what super power I would have, it would be to fly. It would be so much fun to go in the sky really high and speed through the trees. I wouldn’t need a car and wouldn’t have to sit in traffic. In fact, I wouldn’t need to go in an airplane either. I could travel anywhere I wanted at no cost. I could go to different countries and even see the ocean. Although one setback might be that I would get a lot of attention. People would stare at me and take pictures; they would never leave me alone. The news would talk about it for weeks (repeating the same thing continuously, as usual). Also, it would be fun to buy my own customized car once I get a job. If I could fly, this would be a difficult conflict because I would be wasting money on something I don’t need. As much as I would love to fly, I’m glad that I don’t have to make this decision!

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