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Fontbonne University

5 Dorm Must Haves

by Fontbonne University on July 16, 2015

in College Life

I will be a resident for the third year in a row at Fontbonne beginning in the fall. I absolutely love living on campus! Its extremely convenient and I definitely recommend living on campus at least your first year at Fontbonne! However, living on campus your first year is not a requirement.

With my experience living on campus, I’ve came up with a list of five items that I feel are dorm must haves. So if you do decide to live on campus, keep this list in mind when packing! It can come in real handy when you’re trying to figure what you need and don’t need to bring!

  1. Command Strips – If you plan on hanging anything on your walls, this is what you’ll use. I recommend getting quite a few of them!
  2. Small First Aid Kit – This is a must! Since we don’t have a health clinic on campus, you are responsible for having the basic first aid items like: band-aids, aspirin, and any other things you might need.
  3. Laundry Basket of some sort – Something with handles is great! The trek to the laundry room can be a long one, so having a durable basket that can be easily carried will be a big help.
  4. Lamp – Sometimes dorm rooms don’t have the best lighting, so a simple lamp can really brighten your room! Some lamps even come with little storage compartments for your pens and pencils.
  5. A Power Strip – With all the things you’ll likely need electricity for, you’ll soon find yourself running out of outlets. A power strip can add some extra plug-ins while also maintaining safety.

I hope you can find some of these tips to be of some assistance! Comment below if you have any other dorm room items that you feel are necessities! I would love to hear them!

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