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Shape Up for Summer

by Alumni Posts on June 2, 2015

in Extracurricular

I must say that I’m enjoying the heck out of summer now that it’s here.  The first month of summer has been mostly “chill-time” and working full time at the nutrition grocery store in my hometown, in addition to spending time with my boyfriend, my friends and my family… Not to mention the “me” time I hardly get when school is in session!

The moment summer began I told myself I wanted to learn to manage my stress in a productive manner and get back in to shape.  Lucky for me, these two ironically went hand in hand.  I began doing Tone It Up®, which I would suggest to any college girl who needs a workout plan laid out for them that they can do in the comfort of their own dorm, at home in their own basement, or in their apartment complex.  The Tone It Up® girls can be found on YouTube and and offer free workout programs, advice, and easy meals/snacks for girls looking to be healthy and happy.  I like them because they send out such a positive message to their community and don’t “fat-shame” or send questionable messages to their community of followers.  In my future dietetics career, I hope to motivate people the way these girls do.  I want to be a health coach and maybe even get a certification in some sort of personal training/group fitness area.  Also, might I emphasize that reason this site is so beneficial for college females is not only that it is a great fitness plan but that the fitness plan, community membership and recipes on the site are totally free.  If you wish to take part in their additional fitness or nutrition plan it does cost extra (which, of course, I would leave up to your own judgement whether or not you would choose this option).

As part of my efforts to get back into shape I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone of hating cardio and telling myself I was just “not meant for running” and started running outdoors and on the indoor track at my gym.  As much as I thought I would dread it I really like it a whole lot more than I thought!  I’m using a free app called C25k (Couch to 5k), which guides you from beginning to running a 5k.  My goal is to do the Color run at the end of summer this year.  Over summer I will update on my fitness journey and yummy recipe creations I’m making 🙂

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer, much love!


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