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Fontbonne University

The Power of an Internship

by Fontbonne University on May 4, 2015

in Academics

If there is one thing I can recommend while you are still in college, it would be to get an internship. An internship allows a student to learn about a desired profession and see if it would be something they could see themselves doing permanently.

I had an internship this past tax season at Kiefer Bonfanti & Co. which is an accounting firm in St. Louis, Missouri. I was very lucky because not only did I get paid for my internship, but I was able to get course credit for it too. Since I am a business administration major, one of the required classes is an internship class. The internship class is a three credit course that requires you to work 150 hours at your internship through the course of your semester. So I was able to use my internship at Kiefer Bonfanti & Co. to fill that class requirement, which was nice.

While interning I got hands-on experience that I couldn’t get in the classroom. I learned so much and am so thankful for being given that opportunity! I had such a great experience!

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