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Fontbonne University

What Makes Fontbonne Special?

by Fontbonne University on April 7, 2015

in Extracurricular

What makes Fontbonne special?  If someone were to ask me that I am not sure what I would say at first if having not thought about it prior.  Though once I begin comparing and contrasting how Fontbonne varies from my friend’s colleges I think of things right off the bat, such as how it is amazing how a student can create an academic relationship with his or her professors so easily on our campus.  For a small-sized campus, it seems much easier to go and see your professor, being confident that they will be in their office as scheduled to help with any problem.  There are days when I may have an unplanned problem arise and I just think to myself that there is a particular professor available that I can go and talk to at that very moment because of their office hours.  I bet that there are not many of the same opportunities at larger universities because of the busy schedules teachers may have compared to Fontbonne University.

Another reason that makes Fontbonne different is that we have a great atmosphere, in the large yet small city of St. Louis.  There is never a dull moment once you have a small list of adventures planned out.  Pinterest comes in handy when wanting to come up with ideas, just to get the noggin thinking.  Fontbonne’s location is right by a large city park, where there is a zoo, outdoor theater, tennis courts, art museum, history museum, and much more to explore.  As a student in a new town, I would say to take time to explore new areas of the world just as someone who likes to travel may do.

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