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Fontbonne University

Time for some relaxation.

by Fontbonne University on March 6, 2015

in Extracurricular

The time has come to put up our long schedules and relax. Spring break is right around the corner and it couldn’t have at a better time. Taking a break from exams, papers, and midterms is necessary and spring break is the perfect opportunity to go out and have fun.

While spring break is fun, it is a time to relax and take in the warm air. Winter has hit us hard with snow storms and frozen rain, so we deserve some sunshine. If weather permits, spring break should be a time to get some work done while also relaxing. Having one paper due right after spring break I will be spending some time on that. However, I will also be attempting to relax.

Spring break is all about relaxation and getting away from it all. I will be going on hikes, lots of running, and sleeping in. I’m going to go fishing for the first time in my life, so that will be interesting. Hiking is also on my spring break list. Enjoying nature and not having to worry will be super nice.

Overall my spring break will be spent relaxing, as it should be.

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