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Fontbonne University

Looking forward to spring.

by Fontbonne University on February 24, 2015

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With the bitter cold of winter still with us, it is hard to picture the air of spring. Picturing the spring air makes me excited for the winter blues to finally disappear. The bitter cold and the snow can make you feel trapped inside. Spring air makes you want to get out and explore.

My plans for spring are just that. Walks are therapeutic and they can be difficult to do in winter. Walks, coupled with music, are the best things to do in spring. Whether they are with music or with actual people, walks can help you clear your mind. Spring allows you to walk anywhere you like and in any direction. Limitations seem nonexistent.

This is what I do for spring, but there are so many options. Learning to unwind and get away from the world can be a blessing that spring gives. Spring is short and should always be taken advantage of.


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