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How to not lose your marbles…. and have fun while doing it

by Alumni Posts on February 17, 2015

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Hello fellow Fonties! Everyone in college, no matter what your major is, and how old you are, is going to feel overwhelmed more than twice in their college careers. My job here isn’t to be a buzz kill, I’m just being honest. The truth is, there will be moments in undergrad, where you will feel like eating an entire can of whipped cream (yes, I said whipped cream). Before that time approaches though, I have two fail proof ways to not loose your marbles…. and have a jolly good time while doing it. Yes, ladies, this post will protect your waistlines…. you don’t have to thank me.

1. Take one day off

When you’re a student, you probably have to deal with multiple responsibilities, and that’s life most of us have to. What I like to do is to take a day off from responsible me. For me, this day is every Friday.  On this day, I do nothing school related, I sit in my sweats and do my laundry.

2. Strengthen the vibe

Music has wonderful powers. It can get you through things that seem impossible and make the worst day ever, seem halfway decent. So when you feel like you can’t deal with the day anymore, put your headphones on, crank the volume way up, and let the vibe take you to new and unseen heights.

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