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Activities on Campus

by Alumni Posts on February 9, 2015

in College Life,Extracurricular

I’m a first year freshman here at Fontbonne. I grew up in the county, but close enough that when out-of-state people or websites ask me where I’m from, I’ll answer “St. Louis.” Last semester, I decided to explore the city I claimed ownership of. I, mostly, avoided touristy destinations (City Museum, The Arch, etc.), having been there for many field trips and day trips. I indulged in my own interests, performing stand-up, improv, sketch, and other comedy shows across the city. I also ate a lot and found some amazing restaurants that I still frequent. I’ll go more into those in another post, since food is very important.

For my second semester, I’ve decided to try out some new on-campus activities. The most I did last year was participate in Sibz Weekend, but forgetting my younger brother was 15 (now 16; happy very late birthday) and outgrew some of the activities. We both enjoyed Justin Willman and the cupcake bar, but who really doesn’t like those things? For what’s coming up, I’m really excited about Big Pink Volleyball this semester. I was invited onto a team by my RA the other day, and it sounds like good, silly fun! Since it’s people on my floor invited, that means I’ll see some of my friends play with me, too. It’s on the 24th, and I hope to see some other people there.

Have a lovely day

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