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Fontbonne University

Something Special About Fontbonne University

by Fontbonne University on December 1, 2014

in Academics,Career Paths

Whether you may know it or not, Fontbonne University is a mission-based university, where majors are born and created to help the surrounding community in which Fontbonne resides. From my perspective, we are always constantly trying to create new ways to help the community in which we live, whether that is through volunteering opportunities like World Food Day, raising money for organizations in which a particular club is involved, and much more. We strive to help others around us.

Now I can say from experience that with switching my major over the past summer, I really learned about a particular department that is designed to help people. Though yes, my last major was designed to help people as well. First I was a Speech-Language Pathology major, which is designed to help those with a speech and or language difficulty and provide therapy or any help necessary. Now with my new field of choice, family & consumer sciences, there is a much larger spectrum of how I can help my community.

“Family and Consumer Sciences is both a Discipline and a Profession that focuses on an integrative approach to the reciprocal relationships among individuals, families, and communities, as well as the environments in which they function” (Kato & Elias, 2015, p. 11). This is a quote from right out of one of my textbooks for Family Consumer Science, Foundations of Family and Consumer Sciences. I learned more about my major on a surface level this semester, though earlier in the semester, and am completely pleased with what I have learned thus far. I await so much more to learn about my field as time passes on.

Though, in general, Family & Consumer Science seeks to help those in need and find ways to better help communities as well as the individual in need, as well as the environment within a community. It also creates ways to better help the environment since all parts of the bigger picture impact each other at one time.

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