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Fontbonne University

Studying without the tears.

by Fontbonne University on November 4, 2014

in Academics,College Life

Studying can be an adventure, even though some people make it out to be the worst thing in the world. The main thing is knowing how you learn. The person sitting next to you can study a minimal amount and ace the test, but you could be studying for hours. This is the way humans work. We are all unique. Studying habits are individual. Here are some tips from my personal repertoire.

1. Know how you study: Do note cards work? Do you have to move around and study? Are you a visual learner?

Everybody learns differently, knowing how you learn can make studying so much easier.

2. Stay organized!

Staying organized is key! No matter what, you need to be able to find material that you need for the class you’re studying for. Keep a planner, they are the best things ever! Once you have your planner, it will become your life. (Trust me, I’m best friends with mine!)

3. Take breaks, don’t stress too much.

I used to stress out SO much. This year learned that, when studying, it is best to be relaxed. If you’re a ball of stress, you will get no where.



Now starts my tangent on study spots. I’m the type of person that can’t just sit in the dorms and study. I love to go places to study, studying can be fun when you make it out to be. When you walk to a study spot, studying becomes an outing and not something that is a bore. So here are my top places to study, either on or off campus.

1. Kaldi’s Coffee

2. Starbucks Coffee

3. The Library (Study rooms are awesome!)

4. Forest Park

5. Kayak’s Coffee

6. Coffee Cartel (Especially for finals. Go 24 hour coffee shops!)


All of these are so close to campus! Happy studying!

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