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The Life Of A Comm Kid….

by Alumni Posts on November 10, 2014

in Academics

Throughout my years at Fontbonne, I’ve been asked why I chose to become a communication major. Well, there are several reasons (the main one being my gift of gab) and also, I would LOVE to become a crime reporter one day. Outside of my love of language and my career goals, I wanted to share five reasons I decided to become a communications major.

1. The family-like enviornment

The first thing I like about being a communication major is that it’s like one big happy family. I have connected with every faculty member in our department; in a way, I look at the staff in the communications department as extended family. All of the staff has looked out for me in more than one way, and I couldn’t be more thankful.

2. The Classes are fun

As a communications major, the classes can be really fun. They can be challenging and at times very difficult, but you never have a dull moment… trust me 🙂

3. Comm majors are hilarious

We’re pretty funny….. (or at least I think so)….. but I’m biased, so don’t mind me.

4. Useful Information

There are things while studying as a communications major (as with every major) that you will never forget. For example, the basic communication model is the one thing I will never forget I can draw that thing with my eyes closed…. Wait, (is that weird?).

5. We’re awesome

Pretty much!

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