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Fontbonne University

College Student

by Fontbonne University on November 9, 2014

in College Life

If someone were to ask me “Why did you choose Fontbonne?” I can honestly say that I do not have the same answer as I did last year.  Going back to senior year of high school, I know that I was not too fond of having to make another big life decision for myself.  I was comfortable with my high school routine, minus the early morning wake-up call each day for carpool.  But really I was unsure of where I wanted to attend and all I could really think of was Fontbonne or else Avila University in Kansas City, Missouri.  Fun fact actually, both Fontbonne University and Avila University are sister schools.  In addition to the uncertainty of choosing a college, I was still unsure of what major I wanted to study!  Stressful time for a high school student, which for sure I was shown how much more I could be stressed out as a college student.

When it came to the prime factors of choosing where to go to school I had certain personal requirements: 1) Close enough that I can be a short drive away, so not more than a six hour drive 2) Hopefully somewhere other classmates of mine were attending as well so I could know people on campus 3) The college had to have my current interest of major to study [[special education at least at the time]].

Though as the months were coming to an end I choose Fontbonne University because I began to actually take an interest in Speech-Language Pathology since I had previous received language therapy as a kid for a language disorder and learning disability.  Sadly Avila University did not have that specific major.  Also, since I did not really want to leave my home life just yet, I was able to have a win-win in the end.  I have been happy with my choice of living at home and going to school as a commuter.  Sure there are those up-and-down moments where I may feel disconnect from some of my classmates that do live on campus.  But when I make an effort to hang out with classmates outside of class time or off campus even, it makes everything else disappear in terms of doubt.

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