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Business Administration + Finance!

by Alumni Posts on November 6, 2014

in Academics

In high school I was a good student and I liked almost all of the classes I took. I did not love any particular subject over another.

As a recent high school graduate I struggled with the idea of choosing a major. At first I wanted to be an architect, then a doctor, then an engineer, etc. it seemed that the list of things I wanted to be was endless and as I was about to continue my education the pressure was on!

One of the things that helped me choose my major was an aptitude test and meeting with a psychologist that helps people identify their strengths, weaknesses and interests. However, I think that the most helpful thing was to look back at the activities that I did because I wanted to do them and not because I had to do them.

Ever since I was little, maybe 7 or 8, I have been interested in creating things. When I was a small kid it was drawings, when I was 11 until I was 14 I made earrings, bracelets and necklaces. When I was 16 I started my own hair accessory line and sold them online and to acquaintances.

I realized that I had a passion for creating things with my hands, but I also realized that my project was not complete until I could sell them! Reflecting on the results of my test that indicated a strong inclination towards business and finance; and looking back at my entrepreneurial nature I decided on a Business Administration major with a concentration in Finance. This major gives me all the tools that I need to succeed if I choose to be an entrepreneur, but also if I choose to concentrate on something related to finance.

What do you love? Try to look back and identify the activities that you chose to do because you liked them. Painting? Writing? Cooking? Playing sports? Watching sports? Anything you love can be turned into a career! The most important thing when choosing a major is to understand that your major does not necessarily dictate your career; your major gives you the tools to succeed!

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