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Get ready for advising week!

by Alumni Posts on October 27, 2014

in Academics

Advising week is getting closer and I think it is important to prepare yourself for it!

Here is my checklist of things you should do:

1. Know your advisor’s name and make sure you set up an appointment with them.

2. Know your major requirements:

For Undergraduates visit*

For Graduates visit*

Click on your major and then click on course requirements, print them and highlight the ones you have already taken; then take a look at what is missing.

Still undecided? No worries! Just browse through the majors and read the descriptions, maybe there are some that spark your interest and others that you definitely would never pursue, have fun!

*Considering a minor? A certificate? Visit the links and scroll down, click on the program that interests you and read to find out if you want to pursue it!

3. Look at the course schedule and find the courses you want to take next semester, make a tentative schedule taking into consideration if you are working, commuting or if you don’t want to take 8am classes! (No one ever does!)

Find the course schedule here:

4. Write down any questions you have for your advisor! Maybe you want to change your major, or you want more information about adding a minor. Any question you have is valid, so write it down and take it to your appointment.

Questions about the Office of Academic Advising?


Call:          (314) 719-3654


Come in:  The office is located in Ryan Hall room 107

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