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Why I Chose Fontbonne

by Lauren on October 20, 2014

in Campus Community,College Life

I wish I could say that I sort of stumbled upon Fontbonne. In actuality, Fontbonne University had been mentioned to me by a lot of different people that I knew. My teachers, friends, my friend’s mothers, my mother’s friends, all spoke highly of Fontbonne. I expressed my concern to them that I wouldn’t be able to find the perfect balance–I wasn’t looking for a big school, I wanted smaller classes. I also wanted to be an Art Major, something I was doubtful of with other schools. My art teacher in high school went to Fontbonne, a fact that I surprised to learn at first. But it became evident through her teaching methods and love of art that she was a Fontbonnian, especially after I became one myself!

I think a lot of people can relate when I say that I had a certain feeling about Fontbonne. My older peers told me that they, too, got a certain feeling when they found the right college. I wasn’t sure I would ever find it. A lot of people encouraged me to go to Webster and I even considered going to Mizzou. When I stepped onto Fontbonne’s campus, I just knew that I was going to make a lot of meaningful friendships.

I chose to commute for a lot of reasons, one of them being that I wasn’t sure I was ready to take the leap to live on campus. Choosing to be a commuter was the right decision for me, especially Freshmen year. It was nice to ease into things, and commuting definitely helped me make a smooth transition as I pursued college life. Eventually, I hope to move on campus.

The people are definitely my favorite part about Fontbonne. It took some time for me to adapt–and I still am!–but that’s the case with anything. I’m enjoying my time here and the future looks bright.

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