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Fontbonne University

Breaking the Glass Ceiling

by Fontbonne University on October 14, 2014

in Academics,After College,Career Paths

Where I see myself five, ten, or even fifteen years from now crosses my mind quite frequently. I always wonder if I will accomplish my goals and succeed in my dreams. I think everybody probably wonders that.

Since I am an accounting and business administration student, I plan on stepping foot into the business world. I truly believe it was what I was meant to do in life and can’t picture myself doing anything else. Within the business world, I’m pretty sure I want to enter the tax industry.

The tax industry and just the business world in general has typically been dominated by men. Men have always been thought of as the ones who succeed in that world and they seem to get a lot of the public recognition.

However, women have been making their mark, more and more each year. I, personally, want to be one of those women. I feel like my hard work ethic and personal determination will help me to be a leading woman in the business world. I want to break the stereotype of the “glass ceiling” and know I can!

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