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Fontbonne University

Its a bird! Its a plane! No wait, is that a balloon?!

by Fontbonne University on October 3, 2014

in Extracurricular,In Saint Louis

As I browsed through my various social media accounts during multiple homework breaks, I noticed so many photos from the balloon race a few weekends ago.  Sadly I was unable to participate in the festivities myself though compared to last year, my experience was quite the opposite.  Last year I entered a contest/drawing to have the chance of working with Fontbonne’s hot air balloon on the day of the balloon race.  Four people were selected, including myself to work with the hot air balloon.  The neat thing about each of the people picked is that they were part of my freshman class at the same time. In addition to the four of us, another person was chosen to ride in our hot air balloon.

The weather that day was so windy our pilot decided that it would not be a good idea to fly because landing would be very difficult, even with his experience.  Even though we did not release the balloon, it was an amazing day anyway.  There were so many people present see all of the balloons filled with hot air, as well as some of the few that did release into the horizon.  I do not remember exactly how many balloons there were last year but I do know that at least 60 balloons were present this year.  The Energizer bunny balloon was so huge, I could barely believe its actual size.  At one point when we had the balloon filled with hot air, I got in the basket to add weight to it, even though there was a rope from the balloon attached to a larger pickup truck, I felt as if I was going to blow away like everything else that day. Overall though, if I could relive that adventurous day, I would in a heartbeat.  I highly suggest that anyone who has not attended the St.Louis Balloon Race in the past should take a leap of faith and see the wondrous sights!Balloon GlowFontbonne Balloonsidebar-photo1

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