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Top 5 (Free) Apps to Improve Your Health

by Alumni Posts on September 23, 2014

in Career Paths,College Life

Our generation is constantly being told, “Stop looking at your phone!” But, these handy little devices are capable of much more than just sending a tweet. Here are some great health apps that can really put that smartphone in good use! And they are free (your “broke college student” piggy bank can thank me later!)

1. Fooducate

This app is your ultimate grocery store buddy! No more getting frustrated and confused looking at the nutrition label. Just scan the barcode of the food and Fooducate gives you the item’s rating from either an A+ to F. These ratings are derived from a logarithm that takes into consideration calories, fat, sugar, ect. It doesn’t just stop there though. It will alert you if the item is highly processed, contains certain additives, even if it contains GMOs. Not sure what that means? Fooducate will explain it to you! You may not be a nutritionist, but with this app you can certainly shop like one!


2. Whole Foods Market Recipes








If you have yet to visit the Whole Foods Market in the Brentwood Promenade, I highly recommend you take a gander around that supermarket (you try a free sample of their delicious gelato)! Well, the company also has this great recipe app! Not only can you search through thousands of recipes, you can even add the recipe ingredients to a mass shopping checklist. Or if you just want to use up what you have in your pantry, the app’s “On Hand” feature shows you recipes you can make with what you already have! This app is currently only available for Apple product, however the Andriod version is on its way!


3. Home Remedies (Lite)

This app is great for finding natural remedies for hundreds of health issues, from sunburn to headaches to dandruff. It is sorted by medical concern. Once you select one, the app will give you numerous options to combat it. You can even save your favorites for easy access. This app is great if you want to try more natural, budget-friendly options!


4. Fitness Buddy Free

Just as it states, this app is a great workout partner! Whether you want to track your progress, search for a new ab exercise, or find a whole new routine all together, Fitness Buddy Free has all this is one place! You can search exercises by muscle group or explore new cardio routines. While this is your ultimate workout companion, you will still need a spotter for that bench press…(safety first!)


5. Happier

One aspect of our health we often overlook is our mental health. Nothing drains you faster than negativity. That where Happier comes in! Much like Facebook, with this app you can share your status with your friends, only there is more emphasis on gratitude and happiness! It is a great spirit-lifter when you are feeling a bit down. And I don’t know about you, but somethings I get pretty tired from all the Facebook griping! So get this app and put some positivity back into your perspective!

What health apps do you frequently use? 🙂

Also, look for the new post on my blog, The Wholey Trinity, coming soon! (I’ve also been working on the look of the blog, so check it out!)

-XOXO Hannah


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