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Fontbonne University

The Secret Power of the Vinyl

by Fontbonne University on September 23, 2014

in Extracurricular

“You would never guess what I saw today!” I say to my  mother. She pauses before I dramatically respond “A Vinyl Record!” I laugh as I see her anxious expression change to one of slight dissapointment and humor.

I was riding the bus when I noticed it- a man obsessing over his ‘new’ purchase. He fixated on the cover which depicted complex artwork of angels. I gazed, less contently than he, at what I considered a mere vintage artifact. What does he see in those old things I wondered. Does he really have a record player still? Without even realizing it, I unlocked my phone and began to get lost in my own music. Wow have times changed!

Looking at that record made me wonder how things will be in the future. What crazy inventions will outshine our technologies that we love so much, like our high definition headphones, or our convenient smart phones. I mean really, how can these things get any better? By the end of the ride, I too found joy in the vinyl record, for it reminded me that there’s plenty in store for the future!

“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind” -C.S. Lewis

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