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Fontbonne University

Wild Country

by Fontbonne University on April 28, 2014

in College Life,Extracurricular

Last Wednesday I got to go to Wild Country for the second time this semester! For those of you who don’t know what Wild Country is, it’s this dance club that plays a  bunch of country music and everyone line dances to it. It’s so much fun, even if you’re a first timer. The first time I went, it was a little more difficult to learn the dances, but all the regular dancers were really nice about helping me out. Plus, there is a good mix of easy and difficult dances. The ones where you have to spin a lot are pretty hard! When I went this past Wednesday though, I finally started to get the hang of the spins! It was so much fun. You should definitely check it out 🙂

A few tips if you plan on going:

1. Go on Wednesdays! It’s free for college students – just bring your regular ID and your student ID.

2. If you don’t go on Wednesdays, go on Thursdays. On Thursdays, they have people who teach you the dances. This will make Wednesday dancing ten times easier.

3. Bring a friend that’s been there before. They can help you learn the dances and inspire you to get out there and dance your booty off!

4. Wear boots if you have them. The dance floor is wooden, so when everyone stomps their feet it makes a loud bang! It makes the dancing wayyyy more fun!

5. Wear shorts and a plaid shirt. The shorts because it gets hot in there, and the plaid shirt so you look like a country guy/gal.

6. Have fun! Don’t worry about who’s watching you mess up or whether your hair is falling out of its bun, just dance 🙂

Hope to see y’all at Wild Country this week!

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